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Call for submissions: Melbourne street anthology


Are you a street-wise Melbourne writer? Do you have a penchant for Melbourne’s plazas? Is your imagination caught by its courts? Or are you literally living on Easey Street?


We’re seeking submissions for an anthology of personal essays and stories about Melbourne’s streets. Even if you left the city for the open road years ago, if you know Melbourne and want to write about it, this could be right up your alley.


What is it?

We want to take readers on a trip down Melbourne's best-loved (or most-hated) main streets, back streets and laneways.

Our streets might not be as charming as Rome's, as romantic as Paris's, as edgy as New York's - but they're more than capable of telling a good story.


What we’re looking for:

We want to publish those stories: send us your fond memories of the first Melbourne street you lived on; an ode to your favourite shopping strip; a rant about your daily commute; the secret history of an obscure laneway.


What we're looking for are personal essays that prompt recognition, if not nostalgia, in anyone who's ever lived in or visited Melbourne. Historical touches are fine, as long as there’s a human, reflective element to the story. We don't have strict criteria for style or tone, but we'll err on the side of humour and thoughtfulness.


Depending on the submissions we receive, we might include a selection of short fiction, so if you have anything fictional that's particularly relevant to the theme, please submit as well.


Contributors will be paid for their work.


Submission guidelines:


  • Submissions should match the brief given above and be between 1500-3000 words.

  • Please only submit one piece at a time. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

  • Please include the street/s your piece is about in your submission email.

  • Please submit as Word files. The file name should be your piece's title.

  • We prefer new work. You may submit articles that have been published elsewhere, but you must ensure that you have the rights to publish the work in this anthology.

  • If you have an idea but want to discuss it with us, we are open to receiving pitches - send a brief outline of your idea to the email below.

Submissions now closed: stay tuned for updates via Facebook or Instagram.