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On the Street
A Melbourne Anthology
On the Street Book Mock-Up Front

Edited by Sarah Fraser and Susanna Nelson


Anna Kate Blair - Helen Cerne - Rijn Collins Alyssa Coombs - Johanna Ellersdorfer Michelle Fincke - Sarah Fraser - Nick Gadd Sheila Graham - Bea Jones - Allan Lake SJ Lawry - Chris Muir - Susanna Nelson
Thuy On - Mark Phillips - Olivia Shenken
Arathi Sriprakash - Anna Sublet - John White Ailsa Wild

$23.95 + postage

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Melbourne’s streets might not be as charming as Rome's, as romantic as Paris's, as edgy as New York's – but they're more than capable of telling a good story.

In this collection of essays, short fiction and poetry, some of our best emerging and established writers turn their pens to the streets of Melbourne. They explore geographies of love, loss, disappointment and change in a city beloved by many.

If you’ve ever lived in or visited Melbourne, or have a passing interest in our everyday connection to place, this is the book for you.

Purchase On the Street and help others around the world

We're happy to say that ten percent of all profits from sale of this book will be donated to The Life You Can Save, to support charities that help people living in extreme poverty. You can find out more about The Life You Can Save and the effective altruism movement on their website.

The Adventurer's Apprentice series
Where's my mummy book
The Adventurer's Apprentice, book 1:
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Illustrated by Tom Fraser

The first of Annie's adventures as an apprentice adventurer.

For primary school children (5-8 years)

$14.95 + postage


The Secret of the Catacombs book Fraser
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$14.95 + postage

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